Joellyn Rock is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art & Design at University of Minnesota Duluth, teaching in the studio area of Digital Art. Rock has developed a range of new digital media art courses at UMD, such as Digital Art: Mixed-Media Studio, Digital Filmmaking: Visual Narratives, Digital Art: Interactive Media, and Digital Media in Art Education. Her interdisciplinary research draws her to the crossroads of new media art, visual storytelling, and interactive narrative.


Joellyn Rock / Teaching Philosophy
As a digital media educator, I offer my students the breadth of my own
curiosity, and encourage them to develop their own. I try to provide a
role model for the adventurous crossover between media. I pose the
process of collective learning and urge them to investigate new ways to
expand the potential of our digital tools. This is a survival strategy in the
rapidly changing world of new media art, its future vigorously linked to
innovation and collaboration. Assignments stress a mix of skill building,
visual literacy, and personal expression. I believe new media artists play an important role as storytellers in our culture. Digital technology is shifting and shaping the roles we play as creative makers. I want to help my students navigate the potential of these new creative tools, while allowing them to create balance in their media saturated lives. I offer my own enthusiasm for experimentation and a tremendous desire to bridge disciplines.

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