The Really Big Questions

This series of digital art collage works was commissioned by award-winning SoundVision Productions for The Really Big Questions (TRBQ). A collaboration between Public Radio International, The Exploratorium, and SoundVision, The Really Big Questions included radio specials, podcasts, online features, live events, museum exhibits, and social media. TRBQ was produced by a veteran team of journalists including Executive Director Bari Scott, Managing Producer Mary Beth Kirchner, and Public Radio Host Dean Olsher.

The Really Big Questions brought together scientists and philosophers to explore compelling questions about what makes us human. In 2014, the innovative series featured eminent researchers, provocative thinkers and the public pondering questions like: What is This Thing Called Love? Why Do We Share? Why Does Music Move Us? What is a Good Death? Why Do We Tell Stories? These digital artworks were used online and in print during the run of the series. My process included image research on each topic, collaborative feedback from the production team, and multiple versions of each digital collage to reflect the content of the series. My goal was to generate visually rich images that engaged the vibrant diversity of the ideas in question, remixing historical and contemporary perspectives. Because they were to serve as homepage images and spot illustrations for each episode, I also needed to create images that could flow in responsive design, resizing fluidly for mobile devices and desktop viewing.