TISTOU, The Boy with the Green Thumbs of Peace

from the story by Maurice Druon, adapted by Jack Zipes with interior and cover Illustrations by Joellyn Rock

About the story of Tistou and this new version adapted by Jack Zipes…

About Tistou: When eight-year-old Tistou is sent home from school, his parents decide that he wall learn from real life instead, and where better to start than gardening? With Whiskers the dreamy gardener, Tistou discovers a remarkable gift—that he has green thumbs! Everything he touches sprouts beautiful plants. Now Tistou has lots to do. With the power of flowers, he can change everything—prisons, slums, hospitals…even war.

Jack Zipes is professor emeritus of German and comparative literature at the University of Minnesota. In addition to his scholarly work, he is an active storyteller in public schools and has written fairy tales for children and adults. He founded a small publishing house called Little Mole and Honey Bear. Some of his recent publications include: Tales of Wonder: Retelling Fairy Tales through Picture Postcards(2017), Fearless Ivan and His Faithful Horse Double-Hump(2018), The Hundred Riddles of the Fairy Bellaria(2018), Slap-Bam, The Art of Governing Men: Édouard Laboulaye’s Political Fairy Tales(2018), The Giant Ohl and Tiny Tim(2019), Johnny Breadless(2020), and Hermynia zur Mühlen’s The Castle of Truth and Other Revolutionary Tales(2020). His new mission in life is to unbury dead and neglected authors of fantasy and to create conditions for a better world.

ISBN:9781634894982, 1634894987

Published: 2021 Format: Hardcover

Editor: Jack Zipes. Little Mole and Honey Bear Press

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